Running a little slow? - Computers are very much like human beings...weigh them down and they move ever more slowly. With the advent of the Internet and its benefits also came pitfalls like:

Viruses -  Trojans - Spyware - Adware

Computown, LLC will clean and optimize your PC's performance and restore your machine to "like-new" condition.


Custom-Built Quality - We use only top-of-the-line
components from such manufacturers as AMD® Intel®, HP®, Viewsonic®, and Microsoft®.

Our trained computer-design and manufacturing specialists
will create the perfect solution to fit your needs...

.... and your budget!


Computer Talk - Ever buy a networking package like a router or modem and had some 17-year old tell you how easy it was to set up by yourself, only to find that you need a Computer Science Degree just to turn the thing on? Confusing, isn't it?

The experts at Computown, LLC will design and install your home or business network to fit your exact requirements. With security in mind at all times, your wireless or wired network will be solid and reliable.